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Memorial to the past

Once part of a house in Scott County, Virginia, this chimmney is now adorned with climbing vines.

January 5, 2012 - 3:24 pm admin - Thank you Jolene for your comments on the old chimney

January 5, 2012 - 1:44 pm Jolene F.Hurd - This chimmney is located in Robinette Valley about 3.5 miles on 629 (Robinette Valley Rd.)in Scott County Va.I have lived in Robinette valley all my life.As far back as my memories take me ,this old chimmney has been there. To me it always has held mysteries of the past,with stories untold of people who once settled and lived in the valley.The history that I have discovered is as follows.It was the home of James M. Robinette. He was born 11-27-1838 and died 4-13-1908. Mr. Robinette was married twice. His first wife was Susan V.(born 7-8-1840 died 4-6-1878)they had 5 children. Second wife was Sarah T. Morrell (born 10-1-1851 died 10-17-1898)they had 4 husband once asked his father how the valley got it's name sence there was no Robinettes living in the valley.He was told that his Aunt Fannie Hurd was the daughter of James and Sarah Robinette.

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